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07-2023 A happy day in the lab


02-22-2023 Lab lunch to say farewell to Mari and celebrate Shu's acceptance by the MD/PhD program at Wash U

Lab lunch.jpeg

09-07-2022 Bittersweet farewell lab lunch for Cuige 

lab lunch_4.jpg
Lab lunch_3.jpg

05-22-2021 Lunch to celebrate Cuige's paper and say farewell to Faliang and Wil

Keren farewell lunch.jpg

08-17-2020 Farewell lunch for Keren


06-08-2020 Saying goodbye and expressing gratitude to Ziqian


07-12-2018 Lunching out to celebrate Favour's birthday

05-10-2018 Sun's poster at Breast Cancer Research Program forum

04-16-2018 Cuige's poster presentation at AACR Annual Meeting in Chicago

04-15-2018 AACR Annual Meeting in Chicago

01-30-2018 Joint celebration of Sun's and Cuige's birthdays

09-20-2017 Celebrating Dav's birthday

05-11-2017 Cuige's poster at the Washington University Breast Cancer Research Program Forum (Sun and his poster are unfortunately camera shy)

03-31-2017 "A Pleasant Surprise" (a.k.a. Anna's secret plan succeeded)

07-26-2016 Lab Lunch Outing

06-23-2016 Pedal the Cause Campus Kick-off

10-25-2015 Touring our new lab space in the McKinley building before the big move

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